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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food

Main product features
Grows twice as big
Grows twice as big
Child and pet friendly
Child and pet friendly
1 litre
Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food is a formulation containing Humifirst which is rich in organic matter – stimulating growth, yield, root formation and improving plant resistance to environmental stresses. Guaranteed visibly healthier plants in 7 days

Q1: How much do I use?

A1: Use ½ capful in 1 litre of water. For a 4.5 litre watering can use 2½ capfuls.

Q2: Why do I need to use more capfuls than the previous bottle?

A2: The cap size has changed from our old bottle, this therefore affects the number of capfuls.

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